All you need to know about HDMI leads

High definition TV has changed the course of TV viewing in a big way. The invention of LCD TVs has had a major impact on today’s generation. LCD TVs gives you a theatre like experience from the comfort of your own home.

How do HDMI cables work?

The old analogue cables used to convert the digital signals into digital signals and then back into analogue signals to produce the images on your TV screen. The HDMI leads on the other hand carry the original digital signal which helps present a clear picture on your TV screen. The superior quality of the audio and visual presentation is maintained by the HDMI lead.
Conversion of signals often results in distorted or no signal. HDMI leads are thus a wise option as the images viewed on the TV screen are clear and the sound is crisp.

HDMI leads support high definition as well as standard and enhanced video, which make them connection devices.

HDMI leads are far superior to the analogue leads used previously. They support 8 channels, with uncompressed digital audio and other available compressed formats like Dolby Digital. They have the capacity to accommodate additional enhancements because of their large bandwidth.

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