All you need to know about HDMI cables

HDMI cables are used to provide a digital connection between home cinema systems, DVD players and other digital devices. HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface. These cables are the alternatives to the previously used analogue cables.

How they work

HDMI cables are designed to give you the best possible picture and sound reproduction on your television. There are different types of cables available in the market, each with the different potential to carry these signals.

HDMI cables include three types of connectors, with type A and C having 19 pins to support SD, ED and HDTV signals. Type B has 29 pins which allows the prolonged video resolution WQSXGA.

High definition cable connections make us experience cinema like picture quality at home. High definition multimedia interface cables are an essential component when playing back video and audio from your Blu-ray device to your LED TV. Using the HDMI cable ensures the clarity and picture quality for the optimum viewing pleasure. These types of digital cables come in different colours and lengths. Each of these cables has a different potential when it comes to carrying electronic signals.

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