A brief look at HDMI 1.4 and its features

Version 1.4 of the HDMI cable format has incorporated several new features. HDMI 1.4 is the latest version of the High Definition Multimedia Interface. Like the earlier versions of the specification, LLC is the licensing body for this latest version. HDMI 1.4 enables viewers to enjoy high quality multimedia experience while staying connected with HDTVs. For a better and an amazing multimedia experience this HDMI version has advanced network capabilities, resolution improvements and built-in automotive connection system.

Viewers will have a complete different experience while watching their TV screens with version 1.4 of the HDMI cable. These advanced features will give a distinct multimedia experience to its customers. The HDMI cable 1.4 is focusing on both consumer electronic gadgets as well as PCs.

Advanced features

With HDMI Cable 1.4, the HDMI Ethernet channel ensures an enhancement in bi-directional communication speed. The additional facility that it provides is its potential to share an internet connection with any capable HDMI device.

The audio channel has lessened the number of cables that were employed earlier without significantly hampering the audio streaming quality. This latest version also solves the problem of playing 3D format video on a home theatre system by standardizing the I/O portion. Thus a common format and resolution for all 3D files is laid.

It supports higher resolution, up to 4k x 2k. Also it better reproduces accurate colours of images taken on different applications including Adobe RGB, AdobeYCC601 and sYCC601.

The new Micro HDMI connector provides higher resolution (up to 1080p) despite its small size. The additional automotive connection system ensures high-quality in-vehicle HD-Content distribution.

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