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3m Ultimate Prime Black USB to Lightning port cable

  • Charge, Sync & Transfer data From Apple Devices
  • For use with iPhones and iPods with Lightening interface
  • High-Speed Data Transfer
  • Builds a bridge between Computers & devices
  • High Performance Cable
Model number: UPBL3
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Ultimate Prime USB to Lightning Sync and Charge cable for iPhone5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, SE, latest iPod Touch & Nano.

Ultimate Prime USB to Lightning Cable is compatible with the new 8-pin lightning interface adopted by the new Apple mobile devices. This new higher speed connector uses 'adaptive transfer' technology to give you faster uploads and downloads to your device from applications such as iTunes, aswell as the added benefit of charging your Apple device. Has a robust Lightning and standard High-speed usb cable connector for long life.

iPhones supported by latest generation iPod Touch & Nano with Lightning Interface. Adaptive 8-pin Lightning connector for faster transfers enables fast Sync for iTunes, Apps, etc.

Compatible with Windows and MAC computers. Shielded cable for improved data transfer at High-speeds. Supports USB 2.0 transfer rate, at upto 480Mbps. 

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Xbox 3m Ultimate Prime Black USB to Lightning port cable Reviews

Fallon Brown
This cable is cheaper than Apple but only by price. If you take it into hands you see that it is the same quality as Apple cable. No Apple devices complain about "non-certified cable" with this one and the cable works great with those iPad's that need higher current. Obviously using for syncing also works fine. After buying first two which I gave a way to family with tablets... I had to buy another set for myself and other members of family. Very reliable cable and I'd recommend to buy it here before hitting Apple store for spares.
Kim Philby
I go through iPhone chargers like I go through underwear. I am a heavy user of chargers and I use them on the go to. I like most, abuse them till they pass onto the next life. Knowing that, these beauties here have lasted much longer then any other. You can tell the difference from apple charging cables because of thickness and feel of it. These feel sturdy and won't peel like the others.
John Grahams
This cord is such a better length than the one that comes with the ipad. It stinks having to buy it, but I use it so much!
Babu Patel
This product is great. it works fantastic. Everything came in a little sealed bag. No missing parts. Everything was brand new and in perfect condition. I would recommend this item to a friend. This is a great steal, it is cheap
H. Robertson
These work pretty well, but don't last as long as a more expensive charger. They get the job done and are cheap
Mr Robert E. Clarke
The length is perfect, so I can now put the phone on dinning room table to plug into wall for charging, when I want to use my laptop some where else in the house
Norman Williams
Awesome cable for my IPad.
I have a 3 year old son who I happen to share my iPad with....... I take that back.... I borrow my iPad from him every so often, and the cable is really handy due to its length and sturdiness.

Really good quality product. I would say it's definitely better than the OEM cable by Apple!
This is great - what more can I say....the longer length affords me the ability to reach an outlet that may not always be the most convenient - think Library - local coffee shop!
Leyla Potter
Excellent product, good long cable, so far seems to be very durable, Will be buying another one.
Abdul-karim Patel
This is an Apple MFi Certified cable so it is gauranteed to work with the latest iPhone and iPad. The built quality is great, the cable feels solid in hand. More importantly, it works great with my iPhone 5 and iPad Air in both power charging and data transferring.
B. F. Cumberbatch
I have been through many cord, this is the best that I have ever bought. It is lot better than Apple's factory cord. It is a little stiffer, but that is what why it holds up better. Seems to be a heavier gauge wire. I will only buy this brand from now on.
Andrew Dillon
this is a good cable and very effective. i like it. I would recommend to anybody
James summerville
Works perfectly. This is not a cheap-o charger. This is the one you want to buy. Charges my iPhone very quickly. I've bought the cheap ones and they were not worth it. Just buy this one and you'll be happy.
wayne Pinnock
Works fine, fully compatible, snug and easy fit. I like the extra length compared to the standard length cables. I've not had it too long yet, but it seems like it should be durable (only time will tell).
kay harris
Well made, nice flat cable. It shouldn't break around the connector like most do. I love the long length and solid connection. This should last a long time compared to most other cables I have gotten.
Jenny Seager
So much better than the Apple cables. I must have gone through 10/15 lightning cables of various quality but this one has lasted since I purchased it. Great cable.
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Cable Uses:

  • iPhone 5
  • IPhone 5S
  • IPhone 5C
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • IPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPod Nano
  • iPod Touch
Was: £5.99
Now: £5.49
All prices include VAT