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HDMI 1.4 Cable

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HDMI 1.4 Cable

Most of us would be familiar with the HDMI cables as it is a necessity in improving the viewer experience while listening or watching a home theatre system. This is a cable used to transmit data from an electronic device to a digital monitor. It is identical to a USB cable and stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. The unique feature of an HDMI cable is that it can transmit data at a speed of up to 10.2 Gbps. This is better than any other local cable available in the market. Another feature of this cable is that there are 10 wire wrapped inside this cable. All these features ensure that an HDMI cable will stay long in the markets.
HDMI 1.4 Cable is the newest version of the cable available in the market. This HDMI Cable 1.4 is suitable to all our needs as it include all the latest technologies and is much better than its predecessors. The older versions of HDMI cable had their own disadvantages and most of these have been resolved in the newer version 1.4 HDMI Cable. The HDMI 1.4 Cable has undergone significant changes from the older versions and you would be very much surprised to see the technological supremacy of these cables.
Are you a person seriously considering buying HDMI 1.4 Cable? Then there are many unknown things that you should know yourself about 1.4 HDMI Cable. You can find out the features of these cables from the reviews found in the internet. Also blogs do help us with customer testimonial which give us an insight of how the product is from the view point of a consumers who has used it. It would assist us very much in taking our decision to buy HDMI 1.4 Cable or not.
There have been many significant changes in HDMI Cable 1.4 when compared to its predecessors. 1.4 HDMI Cable adds new data channel into HDMI connection which helps in high speed two directional communications. All devices that are connected through HDMI 1.4 Cable can receive and send data at 100 Mb/sec Ethernet. This makes HDMI 1.4 Cable ready for any application that is IP based.  The 1.4 HDMI Cable also helps in sharing the HDMI devices to internet connection through the HDMI link. There is no need of separate Ethernet cable for this purpose. The HDMI Cable 1.4 also serves as the connection platform which allows HDMI enable components in sharing the content between the devices. Another new specification of HDMI 1.4 Cable is that it adds an audio channel which helps in reducing the cable required to deliver upstream audio from a television to an audio /video receiver for further playback and processing.  The HDMI Cable 1.4 version defines 3D formats and resolution for HDMI enabled devices. This feature of the HDMI 1.4 Cable helps in 3D video applications and 3D gaming. The specification of the HDMI Cable 1.4 standardizes the input and output of our 3D home system and helps 3D resolutions for a dual stream of 1080p.
The new 1.4 HDMI Cable helps HDMI devices in supporting big HD resolutions. It can be even four time the resolution that of 1080p device. The HDMI Cable 1.4 supports 4K x 2K. This can help the HDMI interface in transmitting data at the same resolution of that of a digital system in a movie theatre. The 1.4 HDMI Cable supports more colour spaces which are specifically designed for still cameras. It can enable more accurate colour rendering at the time of viewing digital images. The HDMI Cable 1.4 supports high end cameras which help in displaying accurate and life like pictures. So a 1.4 HDMI Cable gives a good experience of photo viewing. The 1.4 HDMI Cable is 50% much lesser in size when compared to other connectors available in the market.
How can I know which 1.4 HDMI Cable features are being included in a device? This is a common question in most of the consumers mind. The best solution for this is that you shop for the features that have caused an interest in your minds, rather than going in with an HDMI version number assuming that certain desired features is supported. Most of the features in a HDMI 1.4 Cable are optional requirements. So a manufacture should make us aware of what are the features included in a HDMI 1.4 Cable.
Can an older version of cable be upgraded to HDMI Cable 1.4? This is not possible as the HDMI Cable 1.4 do require anew HDMI chip to operate and can't be upgraded using firmware.