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HDMI 1.3 Cable

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HDMI 1.3 Cable

Most of us who are possessing a high definition TV or a home theatre system should be familiar with an HDMI cable. If you have not heard anything like this before, then it's time that you get acquaint with it at the earliest. This is a cable which is used to transmit data from one device to another. It stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. The name is a description of what the cable does. This cable is somewhat identical to a USB cable. There are 10 individual wires wrapped inside a single cable. The main advantage of HDMI cable 1.3 is that it is capable of transmitting a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps. This is something unique and remarkable. No other cable offers such a speed and so the HDMI cables are sure to stay in the markets for a longer time.
The 1.3 HDMI cable is the newest version of multimedia interface cable that is used to connect a large number of electronic devices to the same interface. The HDMI 1.3 Cable is unique and much more advanced to its earlier predecessors as it includes all the latest technologies. The HDMI Cable 1.3 has a bunch of features that distinguishes it from its predecessors. There are many additional benefits and uses that an 1.3 HDMI Cable does. You would be actually surprised to see all the technological changes that have taken place in the HDMI 1.3 Cable.
To know more about 1.3 HDMI Cable, let us first see what a Digital Visual Interface is. It is an uncompressed digital connection scheme which was actually developed for a personal computer network. It was meant as a low cost, digital connection between a PC and a digital monitor. Now this is the most widely used display interface in the world of computers. So what does it mean for your home theatre system? You can include DVI with it by using DVI connections on monitors, projectors, and the new HD-DVD players.   
The new HDMI Cable 1.3 is launched at a time when you want to hook up a HDMI system with that of a DVI. This HDMI Cable 1.3 can carry audio, video and remote control signals on a digital interface that has been built on the basis of DVI. You could find that when a device is connected with an HDMI 1.3 Cable, the video performance that you will get will be as good as the DVI. The video performance will be up to 1080p.
The 1.3 HDMI Cable has many advantages when compared with your standard audio video interfaces. It has incorporated many new features than his predecessors. HDMI Cable 1.3 combines all such features digital HD video, control signals and multi channel audio. As a result of combination of all this power cable into a single HDMI Cable 1.3, you are actually getting a bigger cable. 1.3 HDMI Cable offers the best alternative to the available analogue cables in the market.
HDMI 1.3 Cable usually offers many benefits to the HDMI world. The most important benefit is that HDMI Cable 1.3 offers high data transfer. This cable is much speeder than any other previous cables. It sends and receives data faster than its predecessors. HDMI 1.3 Cable supports a special format type known as Deep Colour. This is the new colour space in video electronics world. This colour can support 1.8 times as many colours like blue, green and red colour schemes. This helps in showing the various colours of the nature very easily. Another main feature of the HDMI Cable 1.3 is the audio syncing capability. It will automatically correct for any difference in the electronic latency between the processing circuits of the image and the sound. Due to this discrepancy there is a delay in image and sound correspondence which goes unnoticed due to this all new HDMI Cable 1.3
There are many additional benefits that an 1.3 HDMI Cable offers to other type of cables. HDMI Cable 1.3 supports the output of Dolby True HD and DTS-FD Master Audio streams. These are some of the audio formats used on Blu-Ray discs and HD DVDS. HDMI Cable 1.3 is only useful if the information is sent in an uncompressed format. The HDMI Cable 1.3 can be used with a large variety of electronic devices. From anything and everything of the electronics world can be used with the help of 1.3 HDMI Cable. The electronic devices that can be used include playstation 3, latest DVD players, etc. There is something which is really interesting; playstation3 is the first product in the market to use a HDMI 1.3 Cable wire connection.
So are you looking around for the best possible connectivity available? Then HDMI Cable 1.3 is the right option for your needs. 1.3 HDMI Cable offers the best support to any of your home based electronic system and you will find the ultimate experience after using it.