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5m HDMI Cable, compatible with PS4Supreme Gold HDMI Cable

  • Ideal For Gaming, HD and 3D Viewing
  • FULL HD 1080p, 1440p, 2160p Compatible
  • All HDMI Versions Supported
  • Lab tested to 15.3 Gigabit
  • 3D Ready
Model number: UGH5
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HDMI Cable Reviews (26)


If your looking for the Premium quality HDMI Cable at a reasonable price then this is it. The Supreme  Gold High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet represents excellent value for money and very high specification. This is 1 of our best- selling HDMI Cables that is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of applications be it 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 applications.

This HDMI Cable is the perfect choice if you require un-compromised harmony between High Speed Sound and Vision Data Transfer, it comes with a one year warranty and a data transfer rate of 15.3GBP's bandwidth supporting all HDMI 1.3 features, and the new 3D video features of HDMI 1.4.

This HDMI Cable is constructed by using 24 Karat gold plating for the connectors and contacts for the ultimate in data output. These HDMI Cables are produced in an oxygen-free environment and have a triple layered Mylar foil protection for excellent shielding against Radio Frequency ( RF ) and Electro Magnetic Interference ( EMI ).

The Supreme Gold High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet is suitable to connect to any of today’s most demanding High Definition ( HD ) equipment ,PS3, XBOX 360, Blu-ray Players, Digital Receivers, LCD TV's, LED TV's, 3D TV's and displays, Laptops, PC's, AV Receivers, AV Amplifiers HDMI Splitters, HDMI Switches and all devices with HDMI port.

  •  High Speed Ethernet hover for more info
  •  All HDMI 1.3a,b,c Supported hover for more info
  •  All HDMI 1.4 3D Features
  •  Ethernet Channel hover for more info
  •  Nylon Braidinghover for more info
  •  15.3 GBPS Bandwidth
  •  Up to 2160p Resolution hover for more info
  •  24 Carat Gold Platedhover for more info
  •  Audio Return Channelhover for more info
  •  Triple Mylar Shielding
  •  Nitrogen Gas Injectedhover for more info
  •  3D Over HDMI Support
  •  Full Deep Colour Support
  •  Individually Screened
  •  Oxygen Free Conductors hover for more info
  •  Suitable for in-wall use
  •  1 Year Guarantee

5m PS4 HDMI Cable - Supreme Gold Reviews

replaced scart cable much better picture
ordered 4pm delivered 9am next day
Tadeuz Novak
I bought this for my sons girlfriend, has she had to borrow one of my 3 metre HDMI cable to use with the new TV she had bought that came with no HDMI cable.
The cable work fine with no problems.

So I now have my 3 metre one back now.
Talbot Noonan
The myth: All HDMI cables, from the cheapest to the most expensive, are the same.
Back to busting that myth. All HDMI cables are not the same because we're now on to HDMI 1.4 and we're seeing Ethernet added to them. So with that in mind and this cable featuring both, this is as close as HDMI gets to being futureproof.
Mr J. Wallis
Really quite easy to say does what it says good quality feel and connectors seem good quality so good brand . What more can you say about a cable !
Yoko Hachiro
It is difficult to write a thrilling review for a cable...The packaging is refreshingly simple, one nicely coiled cable in a plain cardboard box. No plastic to wrestle with or broken nails so that's an extra star! The cable basically does what it says. Used it to connect an HDTV to a Sky box and it works perfectly, giving an impressive picture on standard channels and I can't imagine that a more expensive cable would do a better job. Not a lot more I can say but I will definitely be swapping over any scart lead I can. This is much more straightforward and no more trying to get that irritating pointy end of the scart lead into the socket.
John Bacchus
I used this cable to hook up a Playstation3 to a 46" Sony LCD. When I play a game over 1080p, the picture is perfect. There are no distortions in the picture or problems with any individual pixels.

The constuction quality on this cable is very solid, I've been pretty rough on it, bending it and un-plugging and re-plugging it about 20 times as I set up my dream system.
For my hard earned money, I fully recommend it.
Levi Rabenstein
What more can I say! great value for money, great quality and comes with shielding for cable to reduce interference
Tom Yeoman
The HDMI cable was delivered really quickly, and works great. We've got crystal clear images when we watch movies now.
Arrived on time, well packaged. Worked perfectly.
Heartily recommend both product and seller
Ehud Zettler
Bought this to connect to new Panasonic TV and Toshiba XDE DVD player. Image quality is excellent and product is well made and looks the part. Would recommend.
Delivery prompt and good communication throughout.
Great value for Money.
ulric ramsbottom
Item received was good quality and well made. The picture from my ps3 to my Toshiba LCD tv was truly fantastic. Well recommended
Tor Halquist
Shows a perfect picture from my computer to my TV (1080p) and auto switching fully works. The cable is as flexible as what one would normally expect from any lead.
J Thornberry
With cable quality in mind, I am happy to report that this cable is of good quality and certainly of far better quality than its price might suggest. The cable is thick and sufficiently flexible that it can be routed through TV or monitor stands with ease, and the connectors seem to be well moulded and of decent quality too. This is certainly a good enough quality cable for all but the most demanding of buyers, and unless you think that spending 45 on a digital cable is reasonable, this cable will happily provide you with a robust and flexible cable at a very reasonable price.
B. Ellard
What a surprise! The quality of image is stunning when using this lead. The colours are amazingingly vibrant in HD and the picture is pin sharp. (Connected to a Samsung UE32EH5000 HD LCD) I also tried the lead with my Sony Blu-Ray and the difference was clearly visible there too.

I'm so glad I took a punt and purchased this cable, the quality is visible, literally. I received it early and would thoughly recommend both the product and the seller
Macauleys Drycleaners
Recently bought a new 2012 Panasonic 3D Plasma and spent a while looking for the perfect cable that would carry not only my HD content, but also my 3D content. This cable connects my PS3 to my 42" TV no problem, the picture quality is outstanding and the cable is great quality. Don't waste your money on over-priced cables when salesmen in-store tell you that spending 89 on a HDMI means you get a better quality picture - total nonsense!

It's an idea length for my set up, the black blends in with my other cables, it carries my 3D footage, was cheap and was here the next day - can't go wrong
Cecilia Kenworthy
I wanted an HDMI to HDMI cable to connect my notebook to the TV so that photographs and videos could run through the bigger screen. I already had a provided cable from an earlier purchase of a monitor, but I wanted something better. This cable is really good, and competes with much more expensive cables in performance. It does have a quality feel about it, and if you have any doubts, I suggest you try it.
I have two of them now, having upgraded a desktop as well. Cables are never the most exciting purchases you will ever make, but they make every difference to the images you see, and every day I use one or both, so value for money is assured
Heather Fairfield
We have two HD TV's in our house. There is the one downstairs, and the one i have in my room. My parents brought an expensive 90 HDMI cable when they got it, expecting to have the best for their new TV. Admittedly the quality was good, but nowhere near as good as this one. Me being stingy with my cash, I looked around for a cheap HDMI cable, not expecting much, but after getting this, i can safely say that you don't need to spend much money to have great quality.
A great product for a budget. Highly recommended.
Melinda Jewell
I bought this cable to use with with a Mini Displayport to HDMI adaptor for my MacBook Pro on my Sony KDL32S3000 32" HD ready TV.

The cable is a perfect length and is very sturdy. The quality is perfect for the money, I cant really complain!

Would recommend to a friend!
jill newbury
Works perfectly. I connect my Acer laptop to the LCD TV and use a wireless keyboard and optical mouse for effortless HD internet surfing and gaming. Cable give perfect connection with no loss of signal or definition.
I was having problems with a Sony Blu Ray player stopping half way through a film. I was about to buy a new player when someone suggested that the problem might be the cable. Sure enough changing the cable for a new better quality one solved my problems. Try this before changing your player - you can always use the new cable on a new played if you do need to buy that as well.
Jodie yeates
The cable arrived well packaged and very promptly. It connects my PS3 Slim to my 52 inch HD screen and games and Blu Rays look awesome.
I would highly recommend this cable.
Matthew Big
just arrived great product and service!!
Marcus Moore
Great service no messing about if its next its really next day. Great service no doubt.
A good cable that does the jon perfectly, this is my second purchase now also. Thanks
Paul Moorehead
Everything about this cable is top-notch: it delivers excellent sound and vision
Cheap price but a great buy also came next day as stated
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