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2m Ultimate Prime White USB to Micro USB Cable

  • USB Type A Male to USB Type Micro-B Male
  • Provides high-speed data transfer rates.
  • Builds a bridge between your computer and your device
  • Connects your device to your computer's USB port for efficient syncing and charging, or to a USB power adapter for rapid charging from a wall outlet or your car's cigarette lighter socket.
  • Fully moulded
Model number: UPWM2
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Connects your device to your computers USB port for efficient syncing and charging. Or to a USB power adapter for rapid charging from a wall outlet or your cars cigarette lighter socket.

Builds a bridge between your computer and your device, which allows you to backup your phonebook, store pictures, and download music, ringtones and games quickly and easily. Also provides high-speed data transfer rates.

USB 2.0 High Speed compliant, Backwards compatible with USB 1.1/1.0 computers
Upgraded Copper Conductors, Double shielded construction, Fully moulded,
USB Type A Male to USB Type Micro-B Male

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  •  1 Year Guarantee

3D 2m Ultimate Prime White USB to Micro USB Cable Reviews

robbie bradshaw
Perfect, as described. Quick delivery.
No complaints at all.
Highly recommend these people for any future use.
5 star indeed,
Alan Roberts
Needed a new cable because my family kept nicking mine, but the jokes on them because this one is a lot better; I can finally charge my phone while I lie in bed :)
My last one didn't connect to my phone properly but this one does, thank goodness.
nick potter
A straightforward simple cable with no frills. It just plugs into the connectors and carries the signals - what else is there to say?
Delivery was very quick
B. F. Cumberbatch
This was PERFECT, It was the best thing I could find and it fulfilled my needs at the time... Great
cedric winterbottom
I bought this to replace the wire that came with my htc phone, and it's great. There's not much to say about a cable really, but it does the job. It's reasonably long, which I've found pretty useful. Great price. No complaints here!
Harold Grainger
Wanted a longer replacement cable and this fitted the bill. The quality is better than the original cable from my Nexus 7 and much more useful length
Paul Masters
Really great deal, long cable makes it perfect for hard to reach plugs. Feels and looks more expensive than it was.
lottie benjamin
I decided to get 3 of these since I was tired of not having enough power supplies for phones at home and in the office. They'cve worked well and are cost efficient.
Tom porter
Arrived early
Works fine
Brought for my HTC one
Also works on kindle
natalie cohen
does what you expect it too and at a nice cheap price, works perfectly for charging my phone in my car
royston smith
Bought this to replace the original which had given up the ghost. It works ine and the extra length is useful.
W. Hussain
Cable is only used for charging an Android phone, and is left in the car as a back-up if phone requires a quick top-up. Not been used for data transfer so unable to comment on that.
Andrew Graham
Excellent delivery. Not a lot to say about it, it is a cable, good length and along with an adapter I now can happily charge my phone while in the car. A god send as grandkid has found the games app!!
F. King
Speedy delivery and it works. Long cable length and does actually transfer data. Can't complain. I was kinda worried it wouldn't work but it works fine! Good job
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Cable Uses:

  • Amazon kindle 2, 3 & 4
  • Amazon Kindle fire, Fire HD, & touch
  • Blackberry Phones
  • Blackberry Tablets
  • Goggle Nexus 4, 7 & 10
  • HTC Phones
  • HTC Tablets
  • LG Phones
  • LG Tablets
  • Motorola Phones
  • Motorola Tablets
  • Nokia phones
  • Samsung Phones
  • Samsung Tablets
  • Sony Phones
  • Sony Tablets
  • All devices with Micro USB port
Was: £4.49
Now: £3.49
All prices include VAT