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2m Ultimate Platinum 3.5mm Audio to 2 RCA Cables

  • 3.5mm Jack Male to 2 x RCA Phono Male
  • 24K Gold Plated Connectors
  • 24AWG OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) Conductors
  • Robust Metal Hoods
  • High Performance Cable
Model number: UPA2R2
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Ultimate Platinum RCA series of audio cables are ideal for users looking for an attractive and high performing cable at an amazing price. Features 24K Gold Plated copper contacts for corrosion resistance, optimum connection and maximum signal transfer. ROHS soft PVC jacket and round wire with high flexibility. Aluminium shell type RCA and Jack Plug, pure oxygen-free copper for ultimate conductivity. Highly shielded to completely reject EMI & RFI. Cable strain relief to protect the cable when unplugging.

The Ultimate Platinum RCA Cable can be used for connecting various audio devices with headphone output into Stereo, HI-Fi, Amplfiers, TVs, etc.

The Ultimate Platinum RCA Cable can also be used for connecting various audio equipment including portable audio devices e.g;  MP3 Players to Computers, iPod's & iPhones to amplifiers & Stereo systems. 3.5mm Jack to RCA Phono leads can also be used to connect Computers to Hi-Fi Equipment,  stereo systems, etc.


  •  3.5mm Headphone jackhover for more info
  •  RCA Cablehover for more info
  •  24 Carat Gold Platedhover for more info
  •  1 Year Guarantee

2m Ultimate Platinum 3.5mm Audio to 2 RCA Cables Reviews

Carl Gregory
I bought this cable to connect the sound from my laptop to my surround sound system. It works perfectly.
William Berry
If you want to hook your laptop up to a stereo then buy this cable because you cant go wrong with the price!
Abdul-karim Patel
would just like to say the product does exactly what it says on the tin. work perfectly no problems

worth a buy and very quick delivery time to
Tim Lewin
This is an excellent product. I use it to play the music on my iPod Classic through my stereo speakers and it works a treat. Delivery was fast and efficient. I would definitely recommend.
Violet Cohen
One of the handiest things i will ever own.

I had one before but they are so handy someone borrowed it and its not made its way back! at this price you cant complain though as these are sold in high st electronics chain shops for 10 and these are identical in quality. Get this.. maybe get a slightly longer one if its for a laptop or ipod etc.
Harish Dhaya
I personally use this to wire my Xbox and Cd player together, so i get sound through my speakers during gaming and watching DVD, you will need to buy the xbox adapter beforehand but makes watching DVD's and playing games much more exciting
John Bourne
Very quick delivery.
Good product, happily now playing my MP3 player through the tv.
D. Rawlinson
The product in it self is really good. It was really easy to access. There are no hassle in any way.
Finley Macartney
Because I have an older stack system and a modern tv I had to find a way around the digital sound output and this cable was it.
As you all know, most modern televisions sound is pretty terrible, with a distinct lack of bass and treble and a heavy emphasis on vocal sound. With this cable plugged into the headphones socket on the tv and the RCA's in the back of the stereo, the sound was improved 100 fold. Simple, effective and will make a huge difference to your television or gaming experience
Martin Jackson
really cheap price and does the job. what more could you ask for?!! im happy. have to write a few more words to cover what they want!! happy what else do you need to know!!???
Mike Best
Very cheap product with shipping being the most expensive part so I wasn't expecting too much but It was just as good as paying twice or more the price for the same lead in a store. Would highly recommend it. Shipping took 2 days to N. Ireland
Mark Foy
I've recently completed my Hi-Fi setup, the one cable I needed was an RCA to 3.5mm to connect my Amplifier to my PC.
I already had a few cheap RCA to 3.5mm cables for my other hi-fi peripherals, but decided to go for a high quality version, as a couple of the cheap ones have broken on me before.
Delivery was swift and the cables literally turned up in a plastic bag through the door.

I'm simply amazed by how good this cable is, the build quality of the plugs/jacks are great, finished in metal with gold connections, the wires are thick, they have thick supports connected to the metal cases and the whole thing is solid and durable.

The quality of the sound from my PC through these wires is incredible, such a step up from the Belkin ones I got from PC world (for 15!). I'm not just saying that either, the difference is certainly noticeable on my setup.

I cannot recommend this line of cables enough, I ended up replacing all the cables in my hifi setup.
I've bought 2 sets of these 2m RCA to 3.5mm cables, and a 1m RCA to RCA.

For the price, this line of products is astonishing. Very happy.
Norman Williams
I bought this lead to attach our iPhones to the car speakers.

I already fitted a device to give an aux input which came with a lead like this. Unfortunately, that lead was unshielded and it crackled, especially our phones were charging.

This lead is great and does the job. Plays music to high quality, even makes the phones work reasonably well hands free. No crackles!
Jack Mendolsehn
At work I'm usually responsible for the music during the day. So with having a Spotify Premium account and an amp + speak next to my desk, I needed a cable long enough to connect my Mac's audio output in to the amps in front of my desk.

They haven't faulted on me and the cable is tough with it's coating.

Definitely recommend this brand and product!
Peter Hunter
I usually buy cheap 50p or 1 cables and expect them to just work. As I'd just bought an expensive new set of speakers I figured time to buy some better quality cables, will probably sound a tiny bit better.

I was listening to music when the cable arrived through the post, so I paused the song, swapped cables and pressed play. I noticed STRAIGHT away how much better it sounded. Incredibly clear sound. THe speakers actually gave a tiny crackle on some high treble sounds before but now none. I cannot recommend this cable enough, changed my listening experience. Yes you do notice the quality and if all it takes is to spend 1 more than usual then YES it is worth it.

Fantastic product!!
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Cable Uses:

  • AV Amplifiers
  • All TV's incl. LCD, Plasma, LED and 3D
  • iPods
  • iPhones
  • Hi-Fi Systems
  • Stereo Systems
Was: £6.99
Now: £5.49
All prices include VAT