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20m HDMI Cable, compatible with PS3Ultra Flat Gold

  • Ideal For Gaming, HD and 3D Viewing
  • FULL HD 1080p, 1440p, 2160p Compatible
  • All HDMI Versions Supported
  • Lab tested to 17.8 Gigabit
  • 3D Ready
Model number: CUGQ20
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HDMI Cable Reviews (20)


One of the world’s best selling HDMI Cable’s is back so look no more as this is the New Ultra Gold High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet at a superb price and cheaper and better quality then the last. The Ultra Gold High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet represents the best value for money and comes with the ultra high specification. This is 1 of our best-selling HDMI Cables that is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of applications be it 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 applications.

This HDMI Cable is the perfect choice if you require un-compromised harmony between High Speed Sound and Vision Data Transfer, it comes with a one year warranty and a data transfer rate of 17.8GBP’s bandwidth supporting all HDMI 1.3 features, and the new 3D video features of HDMI 1.4.

This HDMI Cable is constructed by using 24 Karat gold plating for the connectors and contacts for the ultimate in data output. These HDMI Cables are produced in an oxygen-free environment and have a triple layered Mylar foil protection for excellent shielding against Radio Frequency ( RF ) and Electro Magnetic Interference ( EMI ).

The Ultra Gold High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet is suitable to connect to any of today’s most demanding High Definition ( HD ) equipment ,PS3, XBOX 360, Blu-ray Players, Digital Receivers, LCD TV’s, LED TV’s, 3D TV’s and displays, Laptops, PC’s, AV Receivers, AV Amplifiers HDMI Splitters, HDMI Switches and all devices with HDMI port.

  •  High Speed Ethernet hover for more info
  •  All HDMI 1.3a,b,c Supported hover for more info
  •  All HDMI 1.4 3D Features
  •  Ethernet Channel hover for more info
  •  17.8 GBPS Bandwidth
  •  Up to 2160p Resolution hover for more info
  •  24 Carat Gold Platedhover for more info
  •  Audio Return Channelhover for more info
  •  Triple Mylar Shielding
  •  Nitrogen Gas Injectedhover for more info
  •  3D Over HDMI Support
  •  Full Deep Colour Support
  •  Individually Screened
  •  Oxygen Free Conductors hover for more info
  •  Dual Stream 1080P Support
  •  Suitable for in-wall use
  •  1 Year Guarantee

20m PS3 HDMI Cable - Ultra Flat Gold Reviews

Kate Mannings
Does exactly what it says on the tin and has never let me down!
Arnold Rachman
Great quality cable for the price. Solid fit but cable is flexible and not so thick that it proves cumbersome as some so called quality items. Excellent video and sound production. Would strongly recommend to others.
dawood bhuna
I bought this lead having not head of the manufacturer before but having received the lead and used it, I am very impressed. Superb quality HD picture and sound, couldn't ask for more for this price :-)
Fiona Fullerton
I am impressed by the value of this product, when i bought it i was expecting a cheap tacky cable, but it actually seems really hardwearing and the picture quality is everything that i could ask for.
Reza Ali baba
Great product, minimal fuss free packaging a stated and nice robust cable, brilliant quality and excellent delivery. Great seller would buy again.
Patrick Hearn
Perfect delivery - item arrived as described, super fast delivery.

What more can you ask - highly recommended
mahesh bhavsker
This HDMI Lead is real value for money and the quality is excellent,delivery was early so that was a bonus.
harvey rogers
Purchased this to connect XBOX 360 Elite to TV/Amp. Excellent build quality and much more substantial than other cables and offered at an excellent price. Length is just about perfect if connecting items on standard cabinet, and sturdy enough to insure won't get twisted.
E. Grimshaw
This is a great value cable, meeting the current highest HDMI standards at a fraction of the price they'll charge you in the shops.
M. Spencer
No problems at all with it. The quality is just perfect. Supports full 1080p/60 fps signals. Don't be cheated by the big stores into buying a more expensive cable. This one does works to a very high standard and most likely even better than the stores are selling
Roger Armstrong
hi i got this cable because of the price,but was so impressed with the the great picture it has given my tv,so i would buy this instead of more costly items.
Denise Richards
Just right for the purpose I bought it for, connecting one television to another in a another room, with no fuss.
Terence Feany
I bought this to link a TV up to a PC and it works like a dream. It's 20 metres long, so its long enough to wire around the room
Larry Macnamara
What can I say, does what it says! Ive got the cable tacked around the skirting boards and it goes up my back living room wall where it feeds a 1080p 200x optoma projector. Does the job brilliant with a nice clear picture. Cant really say more tbh.
Paul Leonora
Nice long cable, no noticeable signal problems despite that. Ideal if you want to run an HDMI signal a long way.
Ritchie Churchman
I've been reading a few reviews before I bought the product. I was thinking to try it as a better solution after I found out that RCA are not better than HDMI. I was trying to send the video trough a 20m cable from STB to the downstairs TV. First I went for the cheap version (20m Scart lead) but then it had interferences and a bad image. I thought it is going to be the same with HDMI as I found out that it is the distance that matters. I saw a lot of products with built in amplifier also and I was thinking to that as my last option as I didn't want another device to interfere with the original HD signal. This is the best product you can buy for this money that will deliver a HD image with no lines, dots or "ghosts"
. I could not help myself to rewiew this product that's how pleased I am of it.
David Smith
This item works perfectly to connect my PC to a projector. With some cables I had trouble as the plug was too bulky to fit into my graphics card alongside a dvi cable as the ports are quite close together, however this hdmi cable doesn't have bulky plugs and fits perfectly.

My projector is displaying full hd (1080p) without any issues, the 20m cable goes around the edge of the room.
Matthew Big
The cable has great sound as well as picture also incredible for someone who would be using it for business associated reasons. I would definitely shop with you again as it was a extremely simple site to use and easy to purchase. Thanks
The cables are extraordinary they come in every size and work at amazing speed; I would highly recommend these cables to everyone if you’re in need of lengthy cables they work GREAT.
edward ford
I would highly advise these cables as it works as grand as it looks. Very pleased with their delivery time, received my cable the very next day fast and trouble-free.
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Cable Uses:

  • PS3
  • XBOX 360
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Laptops AND PC's
  • AV Receivers
  • AV Amplifiers
  • HDMI Splitters
  • HDMI Switches
  • All TV's incl. LCD, Plasma, LED and 3D
  • Cable TV and Satellite TV
  • Digital Set-top Box
  • All devices with a HDMI port
Was: £327.99
Now: £85.99
All prices include VAT