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High Definition Multimedia interface is an audio/video interface, which carries audio signal from DVD player and uncompressed digital video to a display mode like plasma TV. It supports all resolutions such as 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440p, standard definition TV and EDTV (480p). HDMI cables supports 8 channels of 24-bit audio and display 1080p. Some of them display resolution more than 1080p such as 1440p. With the help of HDMI, two categories of cable were added and support for many more audio formats.

There are many different kinds of brand and specifications present in the market for 15M HDMI Cable such as:

(1). INSTEN Premium HDMI Cable / 10.2Gbps M/M, 50 FT / 15M HDMI CABLE: This 15M HDMI cable is blue in colour. Insten 15M HDMI Cable provides high performance quality and suitable for use in Home Theatre, HDTV, Playstation3 and projector based applications. Gold plated connectors, Mylar foil shielding and moulded strain-relief is present in 15M HDMI Cable. High quality material is used for Cable construction. This 15M HDMI Cable is fully compatible with HDMI specification. It is designed to meet all HDMI Standards.Insten 15M HDMI Cable is designed to meet all HDMI Cable. It is a superb cable with excellent audio-video transfer quality to deliver signal without any effect on quality and picture. 15M HDMI Cable is used for multiple audio formats from CD player to multiple channel sound. Price of Insten 15M HDMI Cable varies from £100 to £150.

(2). Vizio Vmax fiber 15M HDMI Fiber Optic Cable: Customers can experience the best audio clarity and exceptional resolution with Vizio 15M HDMI cable. It helps to send signals between two HDMI connected devices from point to point over a thin fiber optical cable. This Vmax fiber 15M HDMI cable is the best solution for all devices where signals should be distributed over wide span without degradation of signals. It transfers full HD Content at 1080p over a thin fiber. 15m HDMI Cable is compatible with any HDMI Video source, which helps in designing Home theatre environment. Vizio 15M HDMI Cable is available in the price range of £150 to £180.

(3). Siig HDMI-to-HDMI Cable - 15M HDMI Cable Male - Gold: Siig 15M HDMI Cable is a premium HDMI Cable with gold plated connectors and metal hood. 15M HDMI Cable is designed for transferring uncompressed video, high bandwidth and multiple channel digital audio between DVD players, recorders, Digital TVs and set-top boxes. Siig 15M HDMI Cable supports high picture resolution up to 1080p. Manufacturers are so confident about the quality of the product that lifetime warranty is provided. Lowest available price for Siig 15M HDMI Cable is £58 in the market.

(4). 48 Feet (15M) HDMI to HDMI 24AWG Patch Cable, Gold Plated: This 15M HDMI Cable is a 19-pin connection that transmits multi channel audio and high definition uncompressed video through a single cable. This 15M HDMI Cable supports high quality picture resolution like 1080p. It is available in the price range of £50 to £55.

(5). "Choice Select Ultra HDMI to HDMI 15M Cable CL3 UL Rated": This round 15M HDMI Cable is of a very high quality and provides maximum performance in HDTVs DVD player and satellite receivers. It is compatible with HDMI cable and supports 720/1080i/1080p resolution. It is high quality gold plated 15M HDMI Cable which provides excellent connectivity. It supports uncompressed digital video, multiple channel digital control and audio functions. It is available in the price range of £70-£75.

(6). HDMI Cable / 5Gbps M/M, 50 FT / 15 M, Black: This 15M HDMI Cable is a premium quality HDMI Cable which is suitable for use in Home theatre, HDTV and business class projectors. It is gold plated connectors with Mylar foil shield. 15M HDMI Cable is constructed with high quality material for best connection between HDMI equipments. It provides high level of signal quality as it is fully HDCP compliant.This 15m HDMI cable transfers digital audio and video signal at the speed of 5 Gigabits per second. This 15M HDMI Cable supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution. It is designed to meet all HDMI Standards. It is available in the price range of £40-£45.

(7). HDMI Cable / 5Gbps M/M, 50 FT / 15 M, Black: This 15M HDMI Cable is a excellent quality HDMI cable which is suitable for use in Home Theatre, premium class projector based applications and HDTV. It represents gold-plated connectors, Mylar shielding and moulded strain-relief. 15M HDMI Cable is constructed for excellent connection between HDMI equipments using best quality materials. This cable is available at a very competitive price of £ 45-£50 in the market. Manufactures provides a very good warranty scheme, as they are confident about the quality of the product.