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13m HD CableSupreme Gold HD Cable

  • Ideal For Gaming, HD and 3D Viewing
  • FULL HD 1080p, 1440p, 2160p Compatible
  • All HDMI Versions Supported
  • Lab tested to 15.3 Gigabit
  • 3D Ready
Model number: UGH13
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HDMI Cable Reviews (35)


If your looking for the Premium quality HDMI Cable at a reasonable price then this is it. The Supreme  Gold High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet represents excellent value for money and very high specification. This is 1 of our best- selling HDMI Cables that is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of applications be it 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 applications.

This HDMI Cable is the perfect choice if you require un-compromised harmony between High Speed Sound and Vision Data Transfer, it comes with a one year warranty and a data transfer rate of 15.3GBP's bandwidth supporting all HDMI 1.3 features, and the new 3D video features of HDMI 1.4.

This HDMI Cable is constructed by using 24 Karat gold plating for the connectors and contacts for the ultimate in data output. These HDMI Cables are produced in an oxygen-free environment and have a triple layered Mylar foil protection for excellent shielding against Radio Frequency ( RF ) and Electro Magnetic Interference ( EMI ).

The Supreme Gold High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet is suitable to connect to any of today’s most demanding High Definition ( HD ) equipment ,PS3, XBOX 360, Blu-ray Players, Digital Receivers, LCD TV's, LED TV's, 3D TV's and displays, Laptops, PC's, AV Receivers, AV Amplifiers HDMI Splitters, HDMI Switches and all devices with HDMI port.

  •  High Speed Ethernet hover for more info
  •  All HDMI 1.3a,b,c Supported hover for more info
  •  All HDMI 1.4 3D Features
  •  Ethernet Channel hover for more info
  •  Nylon Braidinghover for more info
  •  15.3 GBPS Bandwidth
  •  Up to 2160p Resolution hover for more info
  •  24 Carat Gold Platedhover for more info
  •  Audio Return Channelhover for more info
  •  Triple Mylar Shielding
  •  Nitrogen Gas Injectedhover for more info
  •  3D Over HDMI Support
  •  Full Deep Colour Support
  •  Individually Screened
  •  Oxygen Free Conductors hover for more info
  •  Suitable for in-wall use
  •  1 Year Guarantee

13m HD Cable - Premium Gold HD Cable Reviews

Eloise Hairdresser
I bought this for my boyfriend, I was worried that the price of it that it was gonna be useless are work great for a while and then break but this is not the case it is the best piece of equipment I have bought. I have no complaints with the sound or picture quality and the outer cover of this cable means its extremely durable, if you need a HDMI cable thats going to last, can withstand kids playin with it and dont want to pay thru the roof for one this is the cable for you!!
Annabelle Rice
worth every penny it was purchased for! good all round product, outstanding quality and unbeatable valuefor money. very satisfied customer! to add bonus SUPER QUICK DELIVERY DURING FESTIVE SEASON and ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Raj Punjabi
placed order for hdmi cable and arrived the next day made a big difference to picture and sound compared to scartlead well pleased with the item and service would definitely purchase another if needed
Genevieve, St Albans
Perfect HDMI cable. Before I bought even cheaper ones, but the build quality was poor. These feel durable and reliable at a fantastic price.
jace allard
Fantastic quality product for an amazing price. I haven't used other HDMI cables before, so I can't compare, but when you open the package and touch the thing for the first time, you'll know what I'm talking about when. The picture quality is great, as you'd expect. Highly recommended
Zoey Smith
This is a great sturdy cable which gives a phenomenal picture and sound, it's also 3D compatible.
I needed a couple more hdmi cables for my forever growing stack of new gadgets, so I took the plunge and ordered these. Now I wasn't expecting any thing to brilliant but boy was I wrong, these babies are just as good as the monster cables I purchased at a fraction of the cost and I will certainly be going back for more when I need them.
Have been stung in the past buying cheaper HDMI cables which are soon found wanting. This time I read several of the reviews before buying this. I have to say it's a quality item which is working very well. Arrived next day, what more do you need - if you are looking for a new cable, buy it.
Sanjay Gandhi
good reliable HDMI cable at a reasonable price tag.
use this to connect a Blue Ray Player to a HD TV
alongside a Sky box and surround sound set up.
good solid thick cable no interference/noise whatsoever.
can't go wrong when you choose one of these.
not sure why people waste their money paying ridiculous prices for these things.
these ones do all you need and do it well!
Olivia Perkins
Excellent cable. Bravia Synch between TV and Bluray now works perfectly. The cable insulation is very thick, reminding me of the covering you might find on the flex of an iron which makes the flex less, er, flexible, and which may be worth considering if you need to fit it around tight corners.
Alice Van Breen
I have been an avid home cinema enthusiast for over ten years,now having a dedicated home cinema room with projector etc,I just recently purchased a 40 inch Samsung led smart 3d tv for the bedroom with a ps3 to boot.I was looking at forums saying about the new hdmi 1.4 upgrade lead for 3d etc giving better images
Well I tried numerous blu rays and I am very pleased with the results,I am now future proofed with my new lead and it even looks expensive,a great addition to my new 3d tv! Thanks
very impressed with the product and service I received
Lord Grayson
Very good quality cable as advertised, strong build and excellent picture quality. Top price for the product, would recommend to anyone else
Declan Murray
This cable connects my large screen Samsung display to my desktop PC and the result is superb. Everything in the chain fits well. No problems.
Boy George
Must be excellent , no gripes from teenage boy who set up ps 3 and suround sound systems on plasma tv on his own ,
only gasps of amazement about picture and sound ( loads of bloodshed and gun noises , so it does it's job properly! )
Highly recommend
Logan Ridout
I ordered this 13M HDMI cable over a bank holiday weekend, so was pleasantly surprised to find it arrive at the door the day after the holiday! Cable quality is excellent, and the price was very competitive. Coupled with the speedy delivery this makes for excellent service. Thanks and well done
Autumn Wilson
Quality HDMI Cable. Got this to link up my Blu-Ray and TV and i must say its a well made Cable, and its a lot cheaper than others out there. So if you are looking to get a decent HDMI Cable at a fraction of the cost of high end ones, then have a look at this
Evangeline Sachez
I needed a HDMI cable as i'd brought a new graphics card for my pc. Im now playing 1080p in all my games and the quality of the graphics could'nt be better
archie rafferty
Great value for money, item arrived quickly and as described, much better than a previous HDMI cable that my monitor didnt seem to like
thumbs up for this one however, no issues, would shop again
Mr Pickering
In the past I spent a fortune on HDMi cables and was underwhelmed with the result. This is a worthwhile upgrade from the cables bundled free. Feels sturdy and does the job. So why pay more?
sitesh sharma
Best price I could find online for a good quality HDMI cable. Connectors are gold plated and the whole cable looks really smart. Delivered super fast too
Ruby Murray
Good looking and well manufactured cable, top quality for the price. i now have these running all my HD Kit throughout the house, why pay for expensive cable's.
Cole Windham
Having seen many HDMI cables I can honestly say that this is a decent bit of kit.As a former engineer working on digital equipment I would sat that it's imperative to have a good solid contact at the connectors and this cable certainly seems to have a nice snug fit. Another thing to consider is the flexibility of cables , this one is and I found it easy to route round the back of my TV and Av amp. You can't go wrong at this price !
Penelope deakon
Solid built and good quality cable at a competitive price. Working good so far. Can't ask more for that price. Recommended
Rose Baines
This appears to be a good quality lead at a competitive price. No issues at all to date, so I'm pleased with my choice. Delivery was swift, too. Recommended
Davina Mallinson
This is a brilliant cable. I bought this because my PS3 had some really ugly ghosting and texture errors on my TV. Used three different cables and even exchanged the PS3 with no change. Bought this cable and voila. Problem gone. I do wish I had bought this cable before getting a warranty exchange for my PS3. Too embarrassed to call them and tell them that the problem was on my end.
philip moon
I recently moved, and in the process broke my existing HDMI cable. In the mean time before this arrived I was using a low quality spare cable that came free with a set top box. When I connected this cable I was expecting some improvement in picture quality, however the image is so much better it is almost like having a new TV. Make no mistake, this is a high quality item and will make the most of your HD TV.
Lucas Charles
I ordered two of these cables for use with my Sony HT system. The cables arrived on time and as specified. Appearance wise the quality is good, and now in place the cables are providing me with excellent results.
william fraser
This is brill well worth the money. It made the graphics on my xbox and ps3 loads better than the cheap cables supplied. i would recomend this product and seller to anyone 5 star rating from me.
Priyanka indian clothing
Highly recommended for quality cables and delivery.Good product at a good price. Good quality for sound and image my Xbox360 and the Yamaha ampli 5.1
asher lyndon
Excellent cable appear well made great improvement on the quality of picture from my previous cable definately worth the price. Now for the delivery could have come from a shop down the road they arrived that quick & well packaged. Taking all in to account I can only give an 5* rating as & when I require more I would definately buy these again
stella o meara
I was a little worried about the cheap price that this would be a poor quality cable. I was pleasantly suprised at the cable. It is robust and well made. More importantly, it has impoved the picture quality from both my PS3 and my apple TV. these cables are a huge impovment from stock cables. I really recommend them.
thanks to samantha in sales. thanks again will be back. Perfect cable
John Third
plays blu rays perfectly and thanks again for the cable and discount. Perfect transaction
An amazing find!! SUPERB PRODUCT at a great price. I never buy anything hifi/tv related without first of all referring to What HiFi so I was a bit nervous, knowing that I can be quite picky -however I had no reason to worry and would gladly recommend this high quality cable to anyone - an absolute bargain.
Everything about this cable is top-notch: it delivers excellent sound and vision
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Cable Uses:

  • PS3
  • XBOX 360
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Laptops AND PC's
  • AV Receivers
  • AV Amplifiers
  • HDMI Splitters
  • HDMI Switches
  • All TV's incl. LCD, Plasma, LED and 3D
  • Cable TV and Satellite TV
  • Digital Set-top Box
  • All devices with a HDMI port
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Now: £40.99
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